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What is a vtuber?

A VTuber is a streamer who uses a digital avatar instead of their real face. The term VTuber comes from the Japanese word Virtual YouTuber.

This new type of content creator has been rising in popularity, especially in 2020. Many famous VTubers, such as Gawr Gura, have millions of fans and followers.

VTuber Software use 3D or 2D avatars created using Live2D or VroidStudio. This software allows the VTuber maker to create an avatar that looks like them.

Using avatars allows the VTubers to remain anonymous, which can appeal to many viewers.

In addition, the use of avatars gives the VTubers more freedom to express themselves without worrying about their physical appearance.


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How to become a Vtuber?

To become a VTuber you will need a model or avatar.

Your avatar can be created using a variety of tools, including 2D graphics software such as Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, or 3D modeling software such as Blender or Maya. You can either design your avatar yourself or hire a professional artist to do it for you.

You’ll need to have a good internet connection and a webcam in order to live stream your content. You can use programs like OBS or XSplit to manage your live stream and add special effects or graphics.

As with any digital content creation, it’s essential to learn, adapt, and evolve. Listen to feedback, adjust your responses, and refine your avatar’s reactions and design.

If you want to know the step by step to create your VTuber Model check out our tutorial.

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What’s Included in the Vtuber Package?

Our VTuber Packs contain the most features of all market, the complete package with everything you need to become a professional streamer:


Before starting with Design and Illustration, you must create a VTuber Character Sheet. This will help you to develop a unique design that suits you. Once you’ve defined your VTuber design you have to illustrate all parts of the model, along with variations and assets and separate everything into parts so that it can be rigged. To rig your model you can use software like Live 2D. Keep in mind all the physics, interactions and smoothness of movement to get a good rig.

Conclusion: Creating a model yourself is free, but it’s not easy to make a good illustration, separate everything and animate all the parts, thinking about the physics and smoothness of the movements.

If you are undecided, Stream Skins offers some ready-made Vtubers with complete packages, including model + all overlays for your stream, so it is a good option for those who do not have a high budget or do not have artistic skills.

Hiring an artist is great for a more professional VTuber and saves you the trouble of illustrating and separating the parts. However, it can be a little expensive.

Prices vary between 3 categories: Bust Up, Half Body and Full Body. To make a model you must budget 2 values, the illustration and the rigging, the illustration of a VTuber may vary from $90 to $1500 the rigging is a little more complex and may vary from $90 to $4000.

To make a Vtuber, you need software to illustrate the model like Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, or Clip Paint Studio, software to rig the model like Live2DCubism, and software to stream like Streamlabs Desktop or OBS Studio.

Top apps for Vtubers are:

  1. Live 2D Cubism – best for rigging a model
  2. Live3D – best 3d VTuber software
  3. Gimp – best free editing software
  4. Vtube Studio – best 2d VTuber software
  5. VRoid Studio – best free 3d anime-style avatar creation tool
  6. Restream – best for pro VTubers
  7. XSplit – best for gamer VTubers
  8. Streamlabs Desktop – best streaming software
  9. VRChat – best game for vtubing
  10. Twitch – best streaming platform
  1. Design/Create Avatar: Use VRoid Studio for 3D or Live2D for 2D models.
  2. Motion Tracking: Use software like FaceRig or VC Face to capture facial movements.
  3. Streaming: Use OBS Studio to broadcast, incorporating your avatar.
  4. Engage: Interact with viewers, and produce content regularly.

Remember, uniqueness and authenticity are key!

  • OBS Studio: This is one of the most popular choices for VTubers. You can capture the window from your tracking software (e.g., FaceRig) and incorporate it into your OBS stream. From here, it’s easy to add other elements like chat boxes, alerts, and other visuals to your stream.
  • Incorporate a “Stream Deck” or similar tools to make triggering your quick responses even faster. This is a physical device with customizable buttons that can send specific commands to your computer – perfect for quick VTuber reactions.