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Modern FPS - Stream Pack

Black Friday 60% OFF

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RGB - Stream Pack

Add FPS to your stream with this complete RGB Stream Pack for Twitch and OBS, customize your stream with a fresh and modern look made for true gamers, with a design inspired by the best hardware.

RGB has optimized files to make the most light as possible and not lose FPS when streaming, leaving your lives much more smoother, competitive and beautiful without interfering with your PC performance.


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Twitch, Youtube, Facebook, Streamlabs, Streamelements and OBS.


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Edgerunners - Stream Pack

Embrace Night City with this futuristic twitch overlay, Edgerunners is a Cyberpunk-inspired stream package with everything needed to evolve your stream and impress your viewers, featuring Stream Offline Banner, OBS Overlays, Webcam Borders, Scene Transitions, Panels, and Banners for Twitch, all in a unique futuristic style.

Limited time offer

Japan - Stream Pack

Japanese style Stream Overlay. Boost your stream with this complete Streaming Package, with modern and minimalist design, tons of items for your Twitch and smooth animations to make your viewers vibing along with you. Ready for Twitch, Facebook and Youtube. Fully Optimized for OBS Studio and StreamLabs Desktop.​ With language options in English and Portuguese.

Now with Twitch Banner and Panels in the Premium version, fully customizable allowing you to change colors, fonts and add the @ from your Social Media.

If you want to create something from scratch, software such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe After Effects, and Adobe Illustrator are required, as well as knowledge in graphic design, motion design, animation, and illustration.


Stream Packages are a set of graphics designed to enhance your stream. Animated Overlays for OBS such as Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Twitch Overlays, Banners, Panels, among other graphics depending on the package chosen. Every color, text and detail is strategically thought to attract and capture the attention of your viewers.

With each passing day it becomes more difficult to gain attention on Twitch and stand out from the crowd, for this you need all the tools available to improve your stream and bring content that stands out.

Twitch Overlays have everything you need to make your stream stand out, build your brand, increase viewers and engagement, with a professional, complete, and affordable design, so you can start your stream today without worrying about anything else.

Yes, our stream packs are made thinking about including all streamers, a budget for a custom design starts from $ 1000, with that in mind our stream packs have a high-quality premium design, made by the best professionals in the market and an affordable price for everyone.

Our Stream Packages feature One-click installation on Streamlabs Desktop and Streamelements, allowing you to start your stream within minutes of purchase and easily switch between your favorite styles.

Stream Skins also offers Free Twitch Overlays so you can test the potential of our products, they don’t have the full Stream Packs package but are a start for those who don’t have the value of a basic package ($9.00). Check out our Free Twitch Overlays.

All Twitch Overlays default sizes are 1920 x 1080 pixels, the perfect size for main streaming software like Streamlabs Desktop and OBS Studio.

Although they can be resized to the desired size like 12080×720 pixels or 2560 x 1080 pixels