What is included in a Stream Overlay?

Cute Stream Pack

After researching and chatting with the community we decided to increase the Stream Overlays and add more assets and utilities to make your life as a streamer easier, these are the Stream Packs, complete packages with several items such as scenes for OBS, Banners for Twitch, Alerts, Emotes, Panels, medals and more depending on the pack.

We created this post in order to explain the importance of using a stream pack and each item included in it, to help you with some tips on how to use them in the best way and boost your stream.

Stream Offline Banner

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 8

The Stream Offline banner has the main role of welcoming your viewers and passing the first impression of your live to the public, when you are off he is the only contact with your audience for these factors having a good Stream Offline banner is VITAL for that your audience is received and can be directed to the links of your social networks like Youtube, Instagram and Twitter so they can keep following your work and know when you will be online again to follow your stream.

But what makes a good Stream Offline banner is to contain an objective and modern design with the style of your stream added to the @ of your social networks so that your audience knows where to find you.

For banner and stream packs options, check our store with different styles of banners to enhance your stream.

Starting Soon Scene

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 9

The Stream Starting or Starting Soon scene is one of the most important for your stream, it serves as a “Waiting Room” for your viewers to wait while you make the final adjustments to your live, but do you know what all its functions are?

1. Share your live link on social media

A great use of this scene is to share your live in the main media such as instagram, twitter, facebook, whatsapp and discord groups, so people who click on the link will stay in this scene until you start the live, this helps in the retention of the audience as it is good better than broadcasting your offline stream and people finding an off channel and then closing it down to do something else.

2. Adjust the songs in your stream

We all know that a stream is much better with music and this is the perfect time for you to adjust your playlist to liven up your audience while waiting for the stream to start, remember that Twitch doesn’t allow copyrighted music to play so always look for copyright free playlists, we recommend Streambeats created by Harris Heller which contains great songs 100% copyright free.

3. Adjust and check sound, dropped frames and stream settings

This moment is also for you to check if the frames are good, the volume is at the right time and if everything is configured to start your stream in the best possible way.

Be Right Back

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 10

Right after the Stream scene Starting the Back scene Soon is extremely important to warn your viewers that we will have a break in the stream but soon we’ll be back, this scene becomes an indispensable addition as it increases audience retention and doesn’t leave that empty chair with the chat wondering where you are.

Do I need a camera border on my Stream?

The opinion about the use of camera edges is very controversial and there are several discussions about its importance in your stream, many believe that it ends up distracting your audience and sometimes even preventing your viewers from being able to pay attention to the game, causing them to leave of your stream and ending your views, and our opinion on this is…

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True, a bad and extremely polluted camera edge can and will affect your stream negatively, which is why Stream Skins produces the edges with the most modern and minimalist designs without taking attention away from the game and adding to the look of your stream with elegance and modernity .

We study daily the experience of the user (viewer) who is watching your stream and based on that, all our designs focus on a retention gain so that your audience spends more time consuming your content, interactivity and engagement gain making your chat get busier, more follows, subs and donates with an audience taking their work seriously and realizing their whim and care with the look of their live because after all those who enjoy a well done design in their stream are your viewers who spent hours looking at the new ones features you’ve added.

Does custom chat help with engagement?

There’s nothing better than commenting on the chat and seeing your name on the screen with a special design and carefully crafted, custom chats are great for increasing the number of conversations and interactions in the chat, thus starting to build your community.

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 11

Long or short stinger transition?

Short! A long or heavily loaded scene transition with effects and longer than 3s can greatly disrupt your stream.

We all love those super complex scene transitions with lots of things happening and passing for 5 seconds on your screen, now think about watching your stream every day with that long animation passing and interrupting your live several times, one time you and your audience will seasick and soon needed a new one.

So how to have the perfect scene transition so I don’t get seasick but still put a nice effect every time I change my scene in OBS:

Don’t take too long, as we’ve already talked about, your transition should have a maximum duration of 3s and it’s a good transition with less than that.

Flashy and fast, the time to change the scene should be as short as possible

With the same design as your live, for that we have our Stream Packs, all accompanying your transitions in perfect time and with different styles for the most diverse types of streamers.

Stream Ending Scene

The Stream Ending scene serves as the farewells for this live, at this point the chat says goodbye and you can thank your viewers for this stream day, this is also when you announce the day and time of your next live to your audience know when to come back and find you online!

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 12

But what if I want a custom scene?

We also thought about it, as we have some clients that stream other types like podcasts, pokemon and irl we send a “Background” scene so you can customize it any way you want, we also send all the separate files like camera borders and transitions, so you can even assemble your scene in the same style as the rest of your stream!

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What is included in a Stream Overlay? 13

Want to see more about Stream Packs and boost your Stream? Check out our complete store, there we have different types of designs from cute overlays to trendy packs like streetwear, we are sure you will find something that will please you and impress your audience 🙂

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