How to set up an Stream Pack in OBS

Obs tutorial twitch overlay configuration set up

Seting up Stream Skins Stream Packs is extremely easy, even so we leave this tutorial here if there is any doubt when configuring in OBS.

1. All Stream Pack are compressed to reduce the download size and help you when downloading, to unzip you can use any available unzipping software.

2. Inside the folder “↠START HERE↞” are all the files included in the Stream Pack.

Quick Install – open your StreamLabs OBS and open the settings.

6. Within the settings look for “Scene Collections” and click Import Overlay File.

7. Select the .overlay file in the “2. StreamLabs OBS – Quick Install” folder.

8. Ready! Your Stream Pack is already installed and ready to start your Live. Happy Streaming 🙂

If you have any further questions, check our FAQ, there we answer the main questions regarding Stream Packs.

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